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2017 Cohort

2017 Cohort | Drones to AI, Gaming to VR

This year we have gathered a diverse and interesting group of startups, from Italy, Hong Kong, London and of course from here at home in Northern Ireland.

We have companies who help UAV operators keep safe, to AI solutions for online customer support. One thing is for sure, its gonna be a great year. The companies on the 2017 accelerator are:

  • Kami
  • Testify
  • Flyte
  • ProtectBox
  • CloudRupture
  • MediaVoxPop
  • abcDerma
  • CartDefender


Player Intelligence for the Games Industry.

Testify is an innovative player intelligence platform with a suite of tools that enable game developers or publishers to get inside the heads of their players without having to observe them in person.

Unlike competitors, such as PlaytestCloud, Testify provides, Mobile, Desktop and VR testing, with automated actionable insights that allows the game developer to become an expert, spend more time polishing their game and increase revenue through cutting edge player intelligence.


Teledermatology App to Help Dermatologists

abcDerma is a teledermatology app created to help dermatologists analyze skin moles by Artificial Intelligence providing early detection of melanoma cancer, one of the most dangerous forms of cancer. Through abcDerma’s technology, dermatologists can access  a smart decision support system to formulate quick and objective diagnosis for their patients.

The objective of abcDerma is to improve patients health care in dermatology field by developing smart and innovative tools for dermatologists.


Dedicated Flight Planning for Drone Pilots | Plan Better, Fly Safe

Enabling pilots to interact and understand the environment in which they plan to fly, without the need for time consuming or complex systems associated with manned aviation.

Manage Flights, Hardware and Safety. Flyte enables management of all flights effectively and efficiently using our map-based flight logging platform, then maintain a digital logs of all flights you’ve ever flown.


Trusted Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Kami is developing a trusted conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) system allowing seamless communication between human and machine. The problem;

1. Virtual Assistants don’t understand humans

2. Virtual Assistants don’t remember individuals

3. Machine Representative Transition is Poor Kami learns and builds knowledge from conversation, Knows and Remembers Individuals and Converses Naturally & Relevantly

Media Vox Pop

Reach a targeted group of followers

Vox Pop is a software plugin that allows you to reach a targeted group of followers with varying experiences and ideas from all over the world. We do this by using embeddable technology compatible with your Content Management System (CMS).

Vox Pop is all about push and pull. You ask a question remotely and crowdsource video responses from targeted communities in specific locations or from all over the world. Multiple conversations can be facilitated simultaneously and managed from a secure, customized dashboard.

Cloud Rupture

VR Meets AR

Virtual and augmented reality are exciting developing technologies with unlimited market potential over the next five years.

Cloud Rupture brings together years of expertise in coding, visual storytelling and content creation, and aims to build a world-beating portfolio of commercial Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.


All-in-one Cyber Security for SMEs

ProtectBOX finds best-fit, affordable, all-in-one cyber security packages from proven solutions, for small and medium businesses (SMBs). By matching & bundling, all-inclusive prices, simple aggregated no-jargon contracts, incentives & machine learning. ProtectBOX was a finalist in TechWeek LA’s Launch & WiSTEM’s pitch competitions. It was also a finalist for the ‘Human Factor’ award in the Computing Security Awards 2016.

2016 Cohort

2016, Our first accelerator group

Our inaugural accelerator kicked off with an exciting group of companies. Startups from Scotland, Ireland and Russia, joined 4 of our locally based teams to accelerate their businesses in the finance, IoT and hospitality sectors. Our teams included;

  • Orca Money
  • Glistrr
  • ThriveCSR
  • Pavanu
  • FreelanceStudent
  • ProfitBees
  • ChillApp
  • Clinishare

Orca Money

Peer-to-Peer Lending Made Easy

Orca Money  helps retail investors to compare peer-to-peer (P2P) lending opportunities, empowering them to make informed investment decisions.

Orca Money’s goal is simple: to help savers and investors make smart investment decisions and earn higher interest rates from lending their money to individuals or businesses through UK P2P platforms.


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